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School Calendar


September 26th, 2022  - Students and lecturers resume for 1st semester
- Lecturers submit lecture plans for the semester to the Rector
- Registration begins for all students
October 3rd, 2022 * Orientation for new Students
* Commencement of lectures and distribution of course outlines
* Assignment of project supervisors and topics to final year students by HODs
October 10th 2022 2nd week of lectures
October 17th 2022  3rd week of lectures
October 24th 2022 4th week of lectures
October 31st 2022 5th week of lectures
November 7th 2022 6th week of lectures
November 14th 2022 7th week of lectures
November 21st 2022 * 8th week of lectures
* End of registration for returning students
November 28th 2022 * 9th week of lectures
* Administration of test/Continuous Assessment (CA)
December 5th 2022 10th week of lectures
December 12th 2022, -   December 19th, 2022 * 11th week of lectures
* Test/Continuous Assessment (CA)
* Christmas break begins
January 9th 2023 * Staff and student’s resumes
* 12th week of lectures
January 16th 2023 13th week of Lectures/Revision/CA
January 23rd 2023 Examinations begins for registered students and ends January 31st, 2022
January 30th, 2023 * First semester break begins
* Lecturers begin marking of examination scripts
* Batch “B” Students begins lectures  
February 6th 2023 2nd week of lectures (Batch B)
February 13th 2023 * 3rd week of lectures (Batch B)
* Lecturers submit results in soft copies on Friday 18th Feb. 2022
February 20th 2023 * 4th week of lectures (Batch B)
* End of registration for (Batch B)
February 27th 2023
    * 5th week of lectures (Batch B)
    * Release of1st semest8er result for “Batch A”
March 6th 2023 Examination begins for “Batch B”
March 13th 2023 Lectures ends 17/3/2022 
March 20th 2023 2nd Semester begins with Registration for all Students 
March 27th 2023 Distribution of course outline for commencement of lectures
April 3rd 2023 3rd week of lectures
April 7th-11th, 2023 Easter Holiday for all
April 12th 2023 Staff and students return to school
April 17th 2023 5th week of lectures
April 24th 2023 * Students’ week
* 7th Matriculation Ceremony 29/4/2023
May 1st 2023 * 6th week of lectures
* End of Registration
May 8th 2023 7th week of lectures
May 15th 2023 8th week of lectures
May 22nd 2023 * 9th week of lectures
* Test and CA begins and ends on 27/5/2023
May 29th 2023 10th week of lectures
June 5th 2023 11th week of lectures
June 12th 2023 12th week of lectures / Revision
June 19th 2023 Examination begins and ends on 30/6/2023
July 1st 2023 Marking of scripts begins 
July 10th 2023 Result soft and hard copies submitted 
July 17th 2023 * Project defence commences and ends on 22/8/2023
* Long vacations * Summer Registration begins with registration & Lectures
July 24th 2023 2nd week of lectures
July 31st 2023 3rd week of lectures
August 7th 2023 4th week of lectures
August 14th 2023 5th week of lectures
August 21st 2023 6th week of lectures
August 28th 2023 7th week of lectures
September 4th 2023 Summer Examination begins
September 11th 2023 Marking of Summer Examination Scripts 
September 18th 2023 Submission of results
September 25th 2023 New Session begins (2023/2024)




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